Hydrogen breathing machine

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All prices on this site is in approximate Canadian Dollars based on exchange. Attach a cannula and you can breathe pure Molecular hydrogen. Equipped with adjustable flow rate from 10 to ml per minute and 1 minute to 99 hour breathing timer. The HX Falcon produces up to ml per minute of hydrogen gas.

Our machine has H2 output flow rate display, breathing timer, water level display and also has several safety protection in order to operate safety. This machine can also be used to make hydrogen water with high PPM 1. Makes high PPM water in minutes. No maintenance is required.

H2Life Brown’s Gas therapy machine v3.0

No mixing, adjusting or cleaning. The Falcon has adjustable gas output so smaller lighter weight people can breath. Cell: Office: info hydrogen4health.

hydrogen breathing machine

Hx Falcon Breathe Hydrogen with a nasal cannula. Infuse Hydrogen into water. Buy It Now. Description Hx Falcon Hydrogen breathing machine. Simply attach a cannula and you can breathe in pure H2! Through electrolysis of pure water no need to add chemicals to produce high purity hydrogen. Output hydrogen purity could reach If you forget to add water the machine will automatically shut off.

This means you can return it for the first 60 days. After that if the machine fails we will fix it free of charge for a year.Attach a cannula and you can breathe pure Molecular hydrogen. You can breathe in times the H2 of one ML bottle of H2 water.

Financing available. Get no interest if payed in full in 6 months! Apply now. The H2Pro produces ml per minute of hydrogen gas. Makes ml of Oxygen per minute through separate O2 output port. Flow and pressure is very stable.

hydrogen breathing machine

Our machine has H2 output flow rate display, breathing timer, water level display and also has several safety protection in order to operate safety. This machine can also be used to make hydrogen water with high PPM 1. Makes high PPM water in minutes. Easy maintenance requires only draining and replacing distilled water every 30 to 60 days. Hydrogen gas inhalation works a little differently. The flow rate will tell you how many milliliters of hydrogen gas are coming out of the product each minute.

A higher flow rate is more efficient at delivering hydrogen to the body and reducing the amount of hydrogen that is lost in the transfer from the system to the body. For more information, check out this video by Tywon Hubbard on the 4 things you must know about hydrogen gas inhalation:.

The H2Nano has the best performance of any portable H2 water bottle available. So user friendly you will have it setup and running in under 15 minutes. Features: High ppm performance. Oxygen, chlorine and ozone are separated out. One touch operation, smart and easy to use. Quickly produces hydrogen rich water within 5 minutes with no waste water, and can be drunk directly from bottle.

Up to 10 glasses on one charge, Portable for travel, work and office. Ability to attach your own 1 or even 2 liter plastic bottles. Low international rates. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Menu Categories. Out Of Stock.Molecular hydrogen brings a revolution in medicine, one that every doctor and patient will be interested in. Mark Sircus.

Hydrogen water Browns gas generator for breathing. Better than the rest.

There are over scientific articles that have been published on Hydrogen, that suggests that Hydrogen has therapeutic potential in helping with over different disease models, and on our science page you can learn more. Hydrogen can help you increase your health and fitness. Hydrogen has been commented on by many Doctors including Dr. Mercola to be the best Antioxidant as it only selects the most destructive free radicals such as hydroxyl and then turns it into H This is why it is so gentle and effective.

Hydrogen can help you improve your health and fitness. Some of the benefits you can get from inhaling hydrogen are.

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We supply our clients with the most effective way in supplementing HydrogenWhich is breathing it in through a Hydrogen Inhalation Machine. I was breathing in about 1 hour a day, and I made 2 or 3 glasses of hydrogen water a day. From this I could feel that I was more focused and at ease work.

At the gym I noticed I had a better work out and could lift slightly heavier weightsplus I recovered faster. What I love about Hydrogen is that it has no side effects and it is completely natural. Because we have seen the research on Hydrogen, heard hundreds of testimonials, experienced for ourselves the health benefits of breathing in Hydrogen we know this is something worth spreading the word about.

Hydrogen literally fuels our Sun, Hydrogen can fuel a car, Hydrogen fuels our health and Mitochondria. By visiting our site, you agree to our privacy policy regarding cookies, tracking statistics, etc. Read more.

Accept X. Skip to content. For Health And Fittness. Therapeautic and Preventive Use. Why is Hydrogen so effective?

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Increased Energy, less body fatigue, faster recovery. Flushes out heavy metals from the body.Knowing the awesome power and incredible qualities of Hydrogen we knew that offering a dedicated Hydrogen Breathing machine was a must.

The H2 Pro is the best hydrogen breathing machine in this price range, hands down. Sit back and enjoy the luxury of being able to breathe in pure We cut no corners and only offer the highest quality components available. We also include a TDS water quality measuring unit so that you can test the purity of your water before using it in this precision hydrogen breathing machine.

We suggest two treatments of 30 minutes a day, for a total of one hour a day. For extreme situations up to two hours a day can be used, however, we do not suggest going over two hours. For maintaining, you can do two 15 minute treatments a day for a total of 30 minutes. After much research, and consulting with professionals in the industry.

At this flow rate, you are right in the sweet spot to get the best effects of breathing in hydrogen rich air. Please do not purchase this unit expecting miracle results in a couple days. Results come from consistent use due to the changes happening at the cellular level over time. Purchasing any hydrogen generating machine is a commitment to health that takes dedication to get fantastic and life changing results.

While some results can show up immediately, it can take several months for major issues to subside. We feel it is time well spent as health is paramount. Hydrogen Breathing Machine Add to wishlist. Category: Hydrogen Machines.

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hydrogen breathing machine

No reviews.Hydrogen is an extremely reactive element and bonds with other hydrogen atoms to form molecular hydrogen, or H2 Gas. It is here where health and wellness professionals believe H2 will protect DNA and improve mitochondrial health. Molecular Hydrogen has shown to have properties that will address anti-aging, act as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and has anti-allergic properties.

Through numerous scientific studies and peer-reviewed research, it is suggested that there are three main therapeutic effects of Molecular Hydrogen:.

Genuine Hx600 Falcon 99.99% Pure Molecular Hydrogen Breathing Machine.

The first is as an antioxidantwhere it is selective in only attacking the worst free radicals, the hydroxyl free radicals. It does this by turning the most toxic free radicals into water with no negative by products. Second, H2 has selective activation of specific cell-signaling pathways to support our bodies antioxidant system. This also includes detoxification. Finally, H2 has the ability to access the nucleus and mitochondriaand therefore has a unique modulating effect on cells.

This can include cell signaling, cell metabolism, and healthy gene expression. The results of these unique effects are greater anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-obesity and anti-aging effects. As a relatively new health supplement there are only a few manufacturers on the market selling Molecular Hydrogen. The most common method for delivery of the supplement is through hydrogen-infused water.

Delivery of Molecular Hydrogen Supplementation can be done in three ways:. If that is too much for you to stomach, there are two other methods that can be more affordable, those are: Hydrogen-generating tablets and ready-to-drink hydrogen water.

Molecular Hydrogen Tablets has the potential to create the highest parts per million concentrations of most H2 products. A typical ingredient make up consists of magnesium with some natural organic acids, which, after acting with water begins to breakdown and open the bonds of H2O and creating a bunch of H2 nano-bubbles and the side benefits of magnesium ions.

The parts per million concentration of this methods is between. The ready to drink version of Molecular Hydrogen water is by far the most popular, because it is easy…no surprise there. As a result of being ready to drink, it is required to be in aluminum cans to prevent leakage of H2 gas.

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Researchers have linked Molecular Hydrogen to helping fight more than fifty diseases by reducing oxidative stress. If you are into physical fitness, looking for an edge in your daily life, or just want to live a long and healthy life, you can certainly benefit from this amazing supplement.

Honey Colony is unlike most supplement companies. They are more of a collaborative that works with companies to uphold high-quality standards that value planet, humanity and honesty.Store Hydrogen Systems.

HX Hydrogen Inhalation Machine. Upgrade to add Advanced Resonant Plasma Technology at a minimal cost. Simply attach a cannula and you can breathe in pure H2! This unit can also be utilized to hydrogen water to 1. Water Requirement : Distilled water only Weight : 26 lbs. Delivery : Approximately days after receiving order Warranty : 12 months This unit can be utilized for breathing Hydrogen with a nasal canal, bubbling hydrogen in water to make a minimum of 1.

The benefits to owning the machine rely in its versatility. A protocol for a soar knee for example can be wrapped with a plastic bag. Then insert the pure hydrogen in under the bag for 30 to 40 minutes. One can follow the same protocol for hands and other areas of the body. See molecular Hydrogen Foundation for more information on hydrogen health. We provide the option to have this unit upgraded to include Advanced Resonant plasma technology. This technology will provide the most bioactive hydrogen inhalation system available.

Product Code: Hydrogen. No Reviews Posted Yet - be the first! Featured Products. H2 High pressure protection.So user friendly you will have it setup and running in under 15 minutes. Financing available. Get no interest if payed in full in 6 months!

Apply now. Gas output is adjustable between 50ml and ml per minute and can be used for:. This machine can also make hydrogen water with a diffusion stone. The H2Life BG machine uses an incredibly low level of lye.

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At only 5 grams, it is the lowest level of any BG machine currently on the market. At 5 grams, the water is not even considered caustic. Other machines use over grams of lye! Why is this important? Our low lye concentration makes it easy and safe for the large bubbler to scrub out. This feature alone makes it desirable and safety is our main concern.

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The H2Life keeps the hydrogen content level below the 4. The adjustable output controller varies the gas output depending on your weight. The chart on the back of the machine will tell you how much gas is safe for your weight. The H2Life BG machine is equipped with a over temperature shut-off.

This prevents damage to the BG generator but also keeps the lye from suspending in the output gas from over temperature. This keeps the lye in the reservoir tank where is belongs. The H2Life does not need a low or high water level shutoff.

It is equipped with a dry cell generator that is not prone to explosion like wet cells can be. If the machine runs out of water it will simply stop working. If the water is accidentally overfilled it will not cause any problems. With the low level of lye, if some were to spill out into the bubbler it will not affect the output gas quality.

Other vendors would like you to believe that a BG generator must have a low water level shut off.

Hx600 Falcon 99.99% Pure Hydrogen Breathing Machine

The reason for this is they use a low quality wet cell that can explode if the water gets too low. The Dry cell BG generator we use are designed in a way that they are stable with low water level or even no water. Maintenance is easy with the H2Life BG machine. Simply change out the reservoir water at approximately hours of use.

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No need to be exact because the generator can run for many more hours without degradation. Cleaning out the reservoir will extend the life of the BG generator. Bubbler water should be changed every hours of use.

See video below on the easy use and maintenance of the H2Life. The machine is easily drained through the on board drain port. You will never need to turn the machine upside down to drain and do maintenance.

Maintenance is easy and only takes a few minutes to do. Equipped with the most reliable 12v power supply in the world, the Meanwell LRS and with master shut-off switch. Fans will continue to run and cool machine until master switch is manually shut off.


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